General Knee

With over thirty years of knee arthroscopy experience using a myriad of techniques, Dr. Schobert has experience with just about every possible knee problem or surgical procedure performed in that time span. We constantly update, refine, and create techniques from these experiences over time.

Among the many knee issues treated are…

  • Patellar instability/realignments
  • Meniscal surgery from menisectomy, to repair, to reconstruction
  • Articular cartilage surgeries
  • ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL repairs and reconstructions
  • Synovial surgeries
  • Posterior knee arthroscopic surgeries

We also provide the typical array of injection therapies to the knee including PRP injections for tendonpathies and hyaluronic acid treatment for DJD.

We use all of the available methods of preoperative evaluation including MRI/CT and other imaging as well as provide comprehensive perioperative and postoperative care.

We follow our patients until they have achieved their goals.

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