Expertise in Procedures Performed

Dr. Schobert has been performing arthroscopic surgery since it's infancy. He has exceptional technical skills and experience in this field. He is very creative especially under pressure. His imagination and problem solving skills are unparalleled. His variety of techniques and ability to think in 3D in real time are extraordinary. Each surgery is individually planned to address the specific pathology present and the particular patients needs.

All surgeries are video recorded for patient education and to be as transparent as possible. The surgical team is hand picked by Dr. Schobert.

Post op care is critical. Patients are typically seen the first day post op and followed very closely.

PT and other modalities are started as soon as reasonable in a rehab protocol that protects the repair and inhibits unnecessary scar.

Intelligent custom rehab protocols are designed for each individual patient. The patient, the PT and Dr Schobert work as a team.

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