ACL Reconstruction

In the 1980’s, the initial procedures were two incision Patellar tendon autograft ACL reconstructions. Then the move was to single incision ACL reconstructions with patellar tendon.  By the early to mid 1990’s, the single incision ACL reconstruction with patellar tendon morphed into a series of small comestic incisions about the knee. Then improved techniques for soft tissue graft reconstructions developed which introduced the hamstring/semitendinosis multiple bundle ACL reconstruction. During the entire period, allograft ACL reconstructions were used and which are now the most commonly performed procedure.

The key thoughout that development is as it is today. To make the most functional, stable knee as possible with the least sacrifice from the patient, whether it be in harvesting tissue, post op discomfort, or in ease of rehabilitation. It is much easier to “perfect” one technique and stick with it, rather than to move to a significantly different technique and master that from the surgeon’s point of view. Throughout his experience, Dr. Schobert has and continues to look for and develop methods that improve the patient experience and outcomes.

We perform many revision surgeries on knees, especially failed prior ACL reconstructions and reconstructions in the skeletally immature when indicated.

Patients present with every possible problem imaginable. Arthrofibrosis, patellar entrapement, meniscal loss, articular cartilage loss, bone defects, hardware issues.

The problems can be difficult but very few are impossible.


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