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HANDS DOWN THE BEST OF THE BEST! I have had so many experiences with different doctors over the years and I have never...

Posted by Kerri Walsh on Friday, January 29, 2016

Go for the gold, Dr. Schobert.

— 1984, 1988, and 1996 Olympic gold medal volleyball star Karch Kiraly

Dr. Schobert, thank you for helping me get to the top of the podium!

— 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympic gold medal volleyball star Misty May-Treanor

My heartfelt thanks and love. You are the very best!

— 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympic gold medal volleyball star Kerri Walsh-Jennings

To Bill—the best.

— Six-time NHRA champion drag racer Kenny Bernstein

Thanks for helping to extend my career.

— Former NHL hockey standout Mike LeClerc

Thanks for striving to be the best and do the best for your patients. You the man!

— National champion motorcycle racer Ricky Johnson

Thanks for helping me make it to the Olympics. I couldn't have done it without you.

— U.S. national champion and Olympic pairs figure skater Todd Sand

Thanks for getting me back on the water and on top of the podium. You're the best.

— World champion water skier Rhoni Barton

Dr. Schobert, much thanks for keeping all the Morans in working condition!

— Racecar driver Rocky Moran

I have spent over 50 hours observing orthopedic surgeries with Dr. William Schobert. Dr. Schobert performed surgery on my knee while I was still skating. Seeing my enthusiasm for his profession, he offered me the opportunity to shadow him during surgery. Dr. Schobert was able to give me a very realistic glimpse into the day-to-day life of a physician. We were able to discussed the pros and cons of medicine. Dr. Schobert helped me mature my perspective of the medical profession. He wiped away some of its glistening exterior and gave medicine’s true character—a noble, yet difficult profession, and one I am passionate about pursuing.

— Figure skater Alex Merritt

You're #1!

— Travis Pastrana, American Motorsports Champion & Extreme Sports Legend

I had an ACL replacement about 18 months before meeting Dr. Schobert. I came to him for a second opinion because I was still in pain - every day - since the surgery. Dr. Schobert did a great job of diagnosing the problem after my other ortho just told me to "wait it out." He did surgery about three weeks ago and the results are fantastic. I'm like a new man...although I still can't play piano. He even gave me a video of the surgery...which was very cool. Not only is Dr. Schobert great, his staff is also excellent. Appointments are fast - they do a good job of getting you in and out with minimal delays. All in all, if you need ortho work done, you can't go wrong with Dr. Schobert.

— Trip T.

I was a volleyball and basketball player in my youth. Basically gave it up. Doc gave me hope. Before during and after he was the best. My shoulder was a mess and he cleaned it up. Surgery was a breeze and he is a great guy. Thanks Doc

— Jerry B.

I wish there were more than 5 stars because Dr Schobert deserves many more! This man saved my knee and my sanity! Hands down, he is the BEST orthopedic surgeon around. Not only is he a brilliantly skilled surgeon, but really cares about his patients and is just a super nice guy. He staff is top notch too! Dr. Schobert took me on when my previous surgeon wanted nothing to do with me.

Last year I tore my ACL skiing and went to another surgeon in south county. That surgeon (who I won't name) went in and replaced my ACL with my patellar tendon. He also repaired my torn meniscus, got rid of a plica and did a micro fracture on my cartilage. I seemed to recover as predicted but ended up with a rare complication from an ACL reconstruction called a Cyclopes lesion that continues to grow and prevent extension. I had a second surgery to have it removed it. Two weeks later I went in for a third emergency surgery because I had gotten staph (all indications were that I got it from surgery #2, but impossible to prove). I spent three days in the hospital and went home with an IV PIC line in my arm and had to recieve IV antibiotics every day for four weeks. Due to the three surgeries and the staph, I grew scar tissue like crazy and struggled to regain mobility, flex ion and extension. My original surgeon told me that there was nothing he could do and I needed a year to recover. This was devastating. I was in pain and struggled just to walk normally. This was especially hard since I had always been very active, playing tennis, spin classes, skiing, hiking, etc. my frustration level was at an all time high.

Thankfully my PT encouraged me to see Dr Schobert. His office is a photographic whose who of professional athletes. His office staff couldn't me nicer or more accommodating. I never ever waited in the waiting room. And Dr. Schober, himsel, is top notch. He reassured me that he could help me, he acknowledged my fears and concerns due to my previous experience. He video taped my entire surgery start to finish, unlike the previous Dr who just took snap shots while in the knee. Dr. Schobert either called or texted every day after the surgery for about 3 weeks just to make sure I was okay. So after 4 surgeries & 165+ PT visits within ten months, me and my knee are doing great! Playing tennis, hiking, stand up paddling and am pain free. Dr Schobert told me that if I had waited a year to do anything, like the original doctor had told me, I would have had so much scar tissue that I would not have been able to walk. I can't thank Dr Schobert enough for giving me my knee and my life back. I wouldn't even consider going to someone else...he is the absolute BEST! Thanks Doc!!!

— Paige F.

After being mis-diagnosed by another doctor with "knee strain" and completing three months of physical therapy, I was finally referred to Dr. Schobert. He did the proper tests (that the previous doctor, for whatever reason, did not feel the need to do), and found out I had a myriad of knee problems, including broken bone pieces and a torn meniscus, that required surgery. I had surgery in April 2014 and all I can say is Dr. Schobert is top-notch. I'm back my feet, so-to-speak, and I don't think I could have found a better surgeon. He provides low volume, high quality care, and, if you ask around, you will find he's probably the top surgeon in Southern California, if not the Western U.S. When I was treated he no longer contracted with insurance companies. Do not let this discourage you from seeking his help. I have good insurance that paid for some of it, and the office makes its own adjustments. Ultimately I may have paid slightly more to see Dr. Schobert than had I gone to someone who likes to deal with insurance companies, but whatever additional amount was worth gold to me to have my problem solved by the best. For anyone who has a knee problem or any other issue related to his specialties, Dr. Schobert should be on the top of the list for consultation.

— Mike C.

After being mis-diagnosed by another doctor with "knee strain" and completing three months of physical therapy, I was finally referred to Dr. Schobert. Doctor Schobert is the absolute best. He's worked on world class athletes like Kerri Walsh (performed surgery on KW less than a year before her Gold Medal in London 2014), Misty May, and Karch Kiraly. Doc repaired my right labrum tear after several painful dislocations. His personality mixed with his incredible knowledge make going to the doctor actually fun. I highly recommend Dr. Schobert.

— Megan P.

Dr. Schobert is not just the best of the best hes THE BEST- as a nurse I find it rare that a physician, combines remarkable skill, with a kind caring spirit. Ive had 2 surgeries one on each knee, incredible outcomes- he shines!!!!

— Rebecca P.

.Excellent ortho Doc. Specializes in knees & shoulders. Great office staff too. High end provider. Amazing clientele of world class athletes and me.

— Tim S.

I was referred to Dr. Schobert through David Page at the Coto Club and honestly have never been more impressed by a doctor... He is knowledgeable, professional, on time, great staff and local!

— JoAnne R.

Dr. Schobert is the best surgeon anyone in my family has ever gone to. If you want a doctor who truly cares about you and who goes above and beyond to help you get better, then look no further. Honestly. I came to Schobert after my initial ACL knee surgery with another doctor out of state was botched. He took the time to discover what was wrong and thoroughly assess all possible problems I was having. Schobert inherited a pretty messed up knee when I came to him, yet he was able to fix me and get me back on track. Schobert is the first doctor I have gone to who is patient enough to truly explain everything that was going on with my knee and to continuously check-in on my progress, even by just a quick phone call. I truly cannot recommend Dr. Schobert enough. I am extremely grateful for his support and medical intervention - I would not be walking without it. If you want quality medical care and if you aim to resume normal life again, pick up the phone and make an appointment!

— Ash G.

Dr. Schobert operated twice on my knees over 30 years ago (volleyball injuries). I am still active walking, biking and in the gym. His work has held up and I have recommended him to friends throughout the years. In fact I recommended him today!

— Jana L.

Dr. Schobert is an excellent surgeon. My husband is a competitive runner and a medical professional and thinks very highly of Dr. Schobert's operating skills. Dr. Schobert has operated on my husband twice (knee & broken ankle) and has operated on each of my shoulders. We are greatful for his excellent medical acuity and his adept operating skills.

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