Dr. William Schobert

Dr Schobert has been specializing in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery since the early 1980's. He has been at the forefront of arthroscopic surgical procedures from labrum and rotator cuff tears to knee reconstructions since their inception. Teaching and co-chairing meetings at local, national and international levels, Dr. Schobert has taught allied health personnel, students, residents, fellows, and orthopedic surgeons who are interested in the state of the art in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgical care.

Dr. Schobert's patients have many success stories from multiple US and international Olympic Gold medalists to champions and weekend warriors of all levels, often with injuries that would otherwise have been career ending. The most satisfying results come from revision cases where patients who have had failed prior surgery and lost hope. Dr. Schobert can help resolve those issues in many patients. With the use of thorough evaluation, personal review of the imaging studies, and use of his creative personally developed surgical techniques, Dr. Schobert can often find a plan to get them back to normal life.

The practice makes full use of all non operative strategies and treatments. Braces and other orthopedic devices, exercise and physical therapies, sports specific rehab protocols and other treatments are used as needed.

Injection therapies include Stem Cells, PRP, hyaluronic acid supplementation, corticosteroid and other injections. Dr. Schobert is very familiar with banned substance international drug guidelines and communicates directly with sports organizations to protect his athletes. He is a traveling physician for USA volleyball and an FIVB team physician.

Care is concierge and personal. Appointments are scheduled to be on time. The evaluations are thorough, not rushed, and the doctor is available.

The practice does not contract with insurance companies. We do bill the insurances for the patient and work with them on maximizing their insurance benefits. Dr. Schobert's philosophy is to get the patient back to sport or activity as effectively and efficiently as safely possible. This often runs counter to the insurances gate-keepers "road block" mindset. Almost all of the third party vendors we work with including imaging centers and surgery centers are in network. Dr. Schobert makes sure your experience with these vendors is in line with his philosophy.

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